Read Before Purchase

Social Conjurers offers social media management to businesses and individuals. We offer 3 services, although we accept personal requests. Personal requests can be discussed via email (located at the bottom of the website). Social Conjurers does not take over the client's social media as a whole. Purchasing a package does not restrict client from posting their own posts and responding to their customers/friends. Purchasing a package from Social Conjurers allows for Social Conjurers to post and manage a client's social media with what is presented on the packages located in the Services tab. 

Every post will start in the first week at the start of the next month and end in the last week of the next month. As for the Classic Package, it will provide 28 days, or 4 weeks, instead of a month. Other packages will last till the last day of the month unless renued. Managing will start on the first day of the next month. The purchase must be at least before 5 days before the month changes for the package to apply for that month. Purchasing more than one package at a time will provide for more months added onto the package.